The medical complex consists of :
·       3 acute care hospitals
·       3,400 beds convalescent  facilities
·       27 buildings
·       Several outpatient clinics
·       Large medical office building
·       Hospital hotels (for relatives of hospital patients)
·       500,000,000 USD medical equipment evaluation

Gross annual  income : 450,000,000 USD
Net annual income    : 275,000,000 USD
Appraised value      : min 3 billion USD
                      Max 4.5 billion USD
Purchase price       : 1.3 billion USD

The medical complex have been providing  healthcare services for people of
all ages, throughout Japan-for 30 years.  The owner who turned 85 this
year wishes to retire and is looking for a new owner to continue providing
 valuable health care for the people of Japan.

                  "Submit Full Corporate Offer"


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